Great Brain Experiment is featured on the BBC’s Science In Action

The Great Brain Experiment is a cognitive science experiment disguised as a video game. While 60,000 people are playing games testing their visual acuity and memory, their performance is being sent to scientists at The Wellcome Trust and UCL where they are contributing to a huge science experiment.

The BBC’s Science In Action programme, broadcast on the World Service, featured interviews with two of the scientists involved with the game, Dr Peter Zeidman and Dr Fiona McNab, in their programme this week. In the programme, they discuss how smartphone games can provide data accurate enough for scientific research, despite the many distractions present when the game is being played. They also talk about how the data collected could help us understand how the brain is affected by conditions such as ADHD and dementia, informing those developing treatments for the conditions.

An article about the programme has been published on the BBC News website:
Read the article on BBC News

The section on BBC Science In Action can be listened to here:
Listen to BBC Science In Action

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