Fruit Frenzy is an original puzzle game created by White Bat Games. As a new take on the action puzzle game, the style of game is familar to players while different enough to offer a unique challenge. In the game, you are charged with matching together groups of three fruits of the same colour on the middle row to make them disappear with a satisfying ‘pop’! Do this by sliding each column up or down, and the middle row can also be moved left and right. While you’re doing this, fruit is being added to the top and bottom of the board. If you can’t clear enough fruit before the whole board fills up, you lose!

Fruit Frenzy Arcade ModeFruit Frenzy Arcade Mode

The game was designed for players who wanted a puzzle game with a little more depth of gameplay than was available on the iPhone at the time, and so a huge amount of effort went into the ‘feel’ of the game, making it responsive, fast, and control flawlessly. For this type of game, once you are practiced you can ‘zone out’ and play purely from muscle memory. Any problems with the controls or other annoyances makes this very hard to acheive. Experiments with the size of objects on screen and the speed of movement led to the current design, which works well.

The Arcade Mode is simply about surviving as long as you can before the board fills up. There’s also a Time Attack Mode, where you see how many points you can score in three minutes.

Last, but not least, we added a Puzzle Mode. This mode uses the same rules as the other modes, but has a very different feel. In this mode, you have as much time as you want, and you must achieve a specific objective, a different one in each stage. In one stage you may have to remove all of a certain fruit from the board, in another you may have to clear the whole board in a fixed number of moves. Each one is different, and each one is devious. This mode caters for those players who dislike the fast pace of the other modes and prefer something a bit more cerebral!

Fruit Frenzy Arcade ModeFruit Frenzy Puzzle Mode

This was an original title, and the game was tested carefully by a group of beta testers who gave plenty of feedback. We realise how difficult it is to judge something while you’re creating it, and so we value the input of others who are new to the game.

Fruit Frenzy is a game about getting the highest score in the tradition of the arcade hits of the 80s, so we thought it fitting to give players a way to compare their scores with each other. Working with OpenFeint, we integrated the OpenFeint Social Gaming system into the product. This lets players post their highest scores for all to see, and can show the best scores on that day, week, or all time. It also provides messaging in the game so players can trade playing tips. On the Fruit Frenzy Website, the top five players for each mode are displayed at the top of the page for all to see! OpenFeint liked the game enough to feature it as their ‘free game of the day’, and during the free period the game was downloaded by more than 60,000 eager players.

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