Huge new update for Great Brain Experiment brings new games and more!

Today we’ve launched a new update to The Great Brain Experiment which adds four new games to the app, bringing the total to eight. Each of these games is a fun time-waster whilst also providing valuable data for neuroscience research on how the brain works. The original four games are still available too.

The game now shows how you compare to other players on the main menu so you can see how you match up, and if your score is particularly interesting, the neuroscientists will be inviting you to participate in further research using the game’s messaging system. Great Brain Experiment doesn’t identify you so it remains completely anonymous at all times.

In ‘How much do I hear?’ you’ll be controlling a radar dish looking for ships on the ocean by listening for a specific sound amongst a noisy background.

In ‘Am I a risk-taker?’ you’ll be playing a card game, deciding whether to pay to turn over each card in order to work out which of two rows of cards is the winning side.

In ‘How do I deal with pressure?’ you’ll be betting on whether you can knock a coconut off a robot’s head without missing.

In ‘Can I predict the future?’ You’ll go fishing, gaining points for predicting what the following day’s catch will be based on what you’ve seen.

The update is live on iOS and Android right now, and available for free.

Find out more about the app and its development

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