Crowdsource your brain with The Great Brain Experiment!

We’re pleased to announce our latest game – The Great Brain Experiment!

The game forms part of ground-breaking research to better understand how the brain works. The Great Brain Experiment was developed for neuroscientists at The Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging and UCL, in collaboration with The Wellcome Trust, for Brain Awareness Week, a global event to help get more people involved in neuroscience.

The app contains four games, each of which measures a specific brain function. It reports data on the players’ performance back to the scientists who will be able to use them to learn about how brain function varies in the population and also how it changes as we age. You can also see where you fit into the poplation and compare your results with others from within the app.

The iOS version is live on the App Store right now, so download it and start contributing to this unique experiment. The Android version will be released very soon!

Find out more about the app and its development

Find out more about Brain Awareness Week

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